Firefox extensions

October 24, 2006

Now that Firefox 2.0 is out some of my extensions won’t work so I decided to clean up a little. Since I always find it interesting to see what extensions other use I decided to put up my own little top 5 list.
1. Ad-block. This one is a must to prevent all the crap that litter many websites. Of course Adblock Filter G updater goes with this one.

2. Google preview. Show little previews of your Google searches. Priceless when you are looking for a specific website and you can’t remember the name of it.

3. Tab Mix Plus. Makes the whole tab-handling so much easier. Also includes session-management.

4. Videodownloader. To save all those cool Youtube vids.

5. WebDeveloper. THE best toolbar for web developers.

Anything I’ve missed? I’m always looking for new neat extensions.


Pink ribbons

October 3, 2006

Every year women and men all over the world are stricken with breast cancer. Most survive, but too many don’t.

October is breast cancer awareness month. You may notice a lot of people wearing pink ribbons, they are for breast cancer awareness.

Self Magazine has put out a really good “online book” about breast cancer. It has stories of survivors, different types of breast cancer, how to be proactive, and more.

Thought I’d post the link and share it. Do your self checks, educate yourself, and take care of your self!!


Land of the free? Only if you are not muslim

September 11, 2006

According to a Gallup poll 39% of ameircans belive that muslims should carry special indentification.

Now that’s an interesting idea… maybe we should ask the Nazis how they handled their “problems”, I know that they already used the idea of a special identification…

Fucking sick!


Pot… meet kettle

August 29, 2006

Poor little Rummy (Donald Rumsfeld) is crying his eyes out and is apparently losing sleep over the horrible terrorists lying to the media… I mean what has the world come to when even the bad guys are lying to the media… I thought only the Bush administration was allowed to do that… sad sad sad.


Been playing with the new camera

August 28, 2006


Why upgrade?

August 25, 2006

Ok, I am usually open to new technologies and software and love to try new stuff but I must say that Windows Vista is not anywhere close to my list of things I want to try.

First Microsoft promised a whole new operating system with all these new gadgets and tools but one by one they have either canceled the new tools or said that they will offer them to XP as well which completely removes the whole idea behind upgrading to Vista.

I overheard a colleague talking about all the new nice things in Vista and she mentioned two big things that Microsoft “came up with”.

1. Even if you are logged in as admin you still have to type in the admin password to do system-critical assignments. This to prevent your kids from messing up your comp or something like that.

2. System can auto-save open documents if it needs to reboot due to a update to prevent loss of data if you are away from the comp but have your school assignment open in Word.

Ummmm… both of these things exist in many of the ‘nix distros so what’s the big thing here?

Then Microsoft brags about their new Vista Search that will completely change how you find stuff on your computer. Well, now they say that they will actually release it also for XP, and quite frankly.. what is the need? Are people really that disorganised or what? I rarely have to use search at all in XP and when I do it finds everything I need pretty quickly.

I am still waiting for the killer reason to “upgrade” to Vista.

Oh… now the latest thing is that the 32-bit version of Vista will not support HD-DVD or Blue Ray due to DRM issues….


Don’t ask – don’t tell?

August 10, 2006

Roman Catholic priest Father Fred Daley, 59, was scheduled to be on an AIDS mission to Africa last Sunday. But in a last minute change of mind the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has stopped his mission due to what they his “celebrity in the American dialogue.”

What dialogue might this be? Truly it must be something horrendous that he has supported.

His “crime”? He is gay and an advocate for homosexual rights.

This is where it gets funny, but not in a haha funny way. CRS claims to be worried about the reaction of the people in Lesotho. They claim that the population is mostly made up of poor peasants with different societal norms, and therefor would not be appreciative of the fact that Father Daley has been a public spokesperson for the right of homosexuals.

Now my question is first of all how poor African peasants will know anything about his role in the American debate on the rights of homosexuals, and secondly how it is that CRS has a problem with this while the Archbishop of Lesotho has welcomed Father Daley.

Come on people, just tell it the way it is, don’t pussyfoot around it… it’s pure homophobia!

Good luck and God’s blessing to Father Daley and his work!